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With Over 22 Years Of Experience, We’ve Been Proud To Be In Business Of Selling Custom Lighters Online Since 2001. We Look Forward To Working With You! is proud to be an Authorized Dealer of Bic Lighters
original Bic® lighter
AS LOW AS $1.10 EA.

Customize your branding with the Class Bic Lighter! You can have your logo imprinted on this iconic lighter. 

ONLY $1.95 EA.

“Promote your brand in style with Bic Easy Reach Lighters, featuring adjustable wand and high-quality materials.”

CLIPPER® Jet Flame
AS LOW AS $1.28 EA.

Personalize your Jet flame clipper lighter with your band logo to show your unique style. Make it special and fun!

AS LOW AS $1.05 EA.

Get Clipper Round Tank Lighters with your own design on them.

AS LOW AS $1.68 EA.

“Go back in time with our LED lighter for concerts. Use it during slow songs!”

AS LOW AS .50¢ EA.

Affordable economy lighters can be customized with logos, designs, or messages to showcase your brand or individuality. 

AS LOW AS .53¢ EA.

Piezo activated electronic lighter in a gloss colored plastic finish. Standard flame.

AS LOW AS $23.00 EA.

Zippo lighters last a long time, can be filled again, and are made to be used for your whole life.

AS LOW AS $3.35 EA.

A perfect and inexpensive way to light up your cigar. Matte rubberized jet torch flameless lighter.

AS LOW AS .39¢ EA.

Industry’s BEST QUALITY. Thickened lighter wall for improved safety with a built in bottle opener. 

AS LOW AS $1.99 EA.

Delivering the sound of professional maracas, they sound as good as they look.

AS LOW AS $3.55 EA.

Glass ashtrays added a personalized touch to coffee tables and bars, symbolizing good times and memories as people smoked.

AS LOW AS $1.05 EA.

Buy the Clipper Brio Lighter now! It’s customizable, stylish, and made of high-quality materials, perfect for smokers, outdoorsmen, and accessory enthusiasts.

AS LOW AS .60¢ EA.

Electron Bottle Opener Lighter Built-In Bottle Opener Electronic Lighter, Push Button Ignition. Custom Printed With Your Logo.

AS LOW AS $1.65 EA.

Swivel-neck multi-purpose lighter. Perfect for camping, barbeques, pilot lights, candles, fireplaces.

AS LOW AS $3.90 EA.

Wick oil lighter. Spring action flip top case. Snap shut to extinguish flame.

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Personalized Lighters and Swag

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"Explore the world of impactful marketing with, specializing in personalized lighters and swag. Our custom printed promotional products are designed to elevate your brand's visibility. From sleek, customized lighters to a range of swag items emblazoned with your logo, our products are perfect for corporate events, trade shows, and as memorable giveaways. Boost your advertising strategy with our high-quality, tailored promotional solutions."

What are Promotional Products and Swag?

Promotional products are items used in marketing and communication campaigns, typically branded with a company's logo, designed to promote a business, event, or brand. They are distributed to customers or clients to increase brand awareness. Swag, on the other hand, is a term often used interchangeably with promotional products but is generally seen as trendier or more fashionable. Swag is also given away to promote a brand or event but often has a more modern appeal and is perceived as more desirable or exclusive.

Sound Reactive Lights Blue Party Shades, 80s Style - Domestic Print
Sound Reactive Lights Blue Party Shades, 80s Style #67465

Sound Reactive Lights Blue Party Shades, 80s Style - Domestic Print

80's Style Sound Reactive Blue Light Party Shades are a rad time. Behold the lights as they pulse to the rhythm of the beat at the club, the festival and concert. Now get to dancin', people. Oh, and the best part? There are no lenses so you can wear these at night without any worries.

What is a good way to distribute my lighters.

Great ways to promote branded lighters include: Event Giveaways: Distribute them at trade shows, conferences, or company events. Social Media Contests: Engage your audience with giveaways on platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Corporate Gifts: Offer them as part of a corporate gift package to clients or employees. Collaborations: Partner with complementary businesses for co-branded promotions. In-Store Promotions: Use them as a free gift with purchase in retail settings. Direct Mail Campaigns: Include a branded lighter in direct mail marketing packages. Loyalty Rewards: Add them as a reward item in customer loyalty programs. These methods can effectively increase brand visibility and customer engagement.