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  • Custom Printed and Personalized Bottle Opener LightersYellow Economy Bottle Opener Lighters: Dual-Function, Cost-Effective Branding

    Bottle Opener Lighter L38-NV

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    • Dual Functionality: Combines two essential pocket-sized tools – a lighter and a bottle opener.
    • Lighter Uses:
      • Provides a reliable light source during power outages.
      • Easily reignites gas stoves.
      • Quick and efficient for starting campfires.
    • Bottle Opener Advantage: Indispensable for travelers, perfect for opening non-screw-top bottles.
    • Convenient Design: A single, compact item that serves dual purposes.
    • Branding with Style: Not only functional but also visually appealing with a splash of color to highlight your brand imprint.

    Custom printed Techno Brand Bottle Opener Lighter. Standard Flame.
    Includes your personalized logo.

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